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We are grateful for these great folks that are teaming up with us so that we can feed chronically hungry kids in San Antonio. First of all–the Peanut Butter Bowl is a part of Very Bold Ministries (501c3) here in San Antonio which I am blessed to lead and have for almost 20 years. If you would like to support Very Bold Ministries, contact me or make a gift through PayPal at Your gift and support is appreciated so we can continue to impact our community.

Very Bold and the Peanut Butter Bowl are collecting 16-18oz creamy Peanut Butter for Snack Pak 4 Kids San Antonio. They currently feed 1,000 chronically hungry kids every weekend. It’s phenomenal what Leslie Kingman and her team of volunteers do and we are so glad for what they do and rejoicing that we get to collect this PB and feed hungry kids.

Thanks to Doni Soward who donated his time and talents to create the Peanut Butter Bowl logo!  Doni has contributed many great designs to Very Bold and Momentum Bible Church for me and Very Bold over the years (Books, websites, logos, t-shirts) and for him to create and donate this logo is tremendous.

Thanks also to Logan Ramirez of Orange Pulley. He built and maintains this website as a generous sponsor of the Peanut Butter Bowl. As soon as I presented to him the vision of the Peanut Butter Bowl–he created the website that very day! Unbelievable. Orange Pulley and Logan–fantastic to work with.

Thanks to my church, Momentum Bible Church, who have jumped on board with this vision to make this happen. I’m blessed beyond belief to pastor this start-up church with a dream team. for more info as we look to add more players to our dream team. We meet in the Johnson High School area at Cibolo Green Elementary School 10am.

Thanks to Keith and Pam Leslie of Full Armor and The Beacon newspaper ( who are executive producers of Beacon Radio which I am blessed to host (Saturdays noon-1pm on KSLR AM630 or They have given great support to our efforts in communicating about the Peanut Butter Bowl through print and radio.

HEB has been a generous donor. Right off the bat at Leslie Kingman asked for a donation of Peanut Butter and HEB corporate donated 100 jars on behalf of Johnson community and 100 jars on behalf of Brandeis.

HEB at 281/Evans Road (Johnson) has put a display up and is collecting at the store itself. You can buy it there and drop it off at front of store and we will pick it up. What tremendous help. The HEB at Bandera Road/1604 is also working on their display. Fantastic support from HEB.

Thanks also to Northside ISD and NEISD for all their support, encouragement, and help to get this Peanut Butter Bowl going. We could not have done it without their support. How great to have two school districts and athletic departments with leaders Stan Laing (NISD) and Karen Funk (NEISD) that support great community causes. It’s awesome.

Thanks to Coach Ron and Patti Rittimann of Johnson High School and Coach Jeff and Katy Fleener of Brandeis High School. All four of these difference makers caught the vision and brought it to life. Without these fantastic four–there is absolutely not a Peanut Butter Bowl.

Thanks to Stephanie McAlpin and Creative Blend Design for a fast turnaround on posters too. They do great work too.

Finally thank you so much for being a part of the first annual Peanut Butter Bowl between the Johnson Jaguars and Brandeis Broncos! I am grateful for each and every PB jar collected that we can feed chronically hungry kids right here in San Antonio. I hope to see you at the Peanut Butter Bowl. Come and say hi and bring a Peanut Butter jar or two.

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