SMASA Top 20

The SMASA (Sports Medicine Associates of San Antonio) Top 20 Online Giving Rankings

Weekly beginning 8/17/23 We will host on Facebook Live ( and update the SMASA  Top 20 graphics for online giving right here at

Peanut Butter Bowl is excited to team up with SMASA again to spur more online giving to help smash chronic hunger. SMASA are the preferred orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine physicians in Texas

This SMASA Top 20 is for online giving only! After all the peanut butter is counted at schools we will combine those counts with the donations at

We have 80 high school communities in Texas participating this year so if you’re in the SMASA Top 20 you are doing fantastic.

We are not able to know the numbers donated at campuses until after the Peanut Butter Bowls and it’s all counted at the campus. So do not be discouraged if your school is not showing up in the SMASA Top 20.

Here were the 2022 SMASA Top 20 Rankings: