The Peanut Butter Bowl : a game #WeAllWin


We wanted to give you a rundown on Peanut Butter Bowl®: what it is, how you can participate, and how you can impact your team, your community, and people in need.

Steve Teel, Peanut Butter Bowl® & Very Bold and Coach Ron Rittimann, AD & Head Coach Alamo Heights


Background & History of Peanut Butter Bowl

We started Peanut Butter Bowl® in 2016 in San Antonio with just one game: Johnson (Coach Ron Rittimann) vs. Brandeis (Coach Jeff Fleener) to collect peanut butter and monetary donations that would serve an organization feeding food-insecure children in the San Antonio area. We continued this in 2017 and 2018 with these two schools and collected nearly 15,000 jars during Peanut Butter Bowl® 1, 2, and 3.

In 2019 we expanded our efforts to have four Peanut Butter Bowl® games and included six more high school coaches and their communities. Together we collected almost 15,000 jars.

In 2020 we had a total of six Peanut Butter Bowl® games and collected 23,000 jars- worth (including many online donations at $2 a jar).

Finally, this past season of 2021 we collected 43,000 jars-worth through 10 Peanut Butter Bowl® games and the leadership of 20 coaches, their teams, and communities participating (from San Antonio, Austin, New Braunfels, Alamo Heights, Boerne, Converse, Seguin, Copperas Cove, San Marcos). We spread the peanut butter and donations to 11 hunger relief organizations in their corresponding communities. Counting all 23 Peanut Butter Bowl® games 95,000 jars-worth of peanut butter have been collected and distributed.

Invitation and Initial Action Steps
  1. We are asking coaches to consider having their Week 1 2022 game be a “Peanut Butter Bowl®” and communicate that to us (please confirm with Steve Teel and/or Coach Rittimann) as soon as possible.
  2. Coaches that accept this invitation – we are asking you to reach out to your Week 1 opponent Coach to invite and confirm their participation as well.
  3. We encourage you to find a leader — an assistant coach, team mom, booster, or other leader connected with your team, school, and community who will spread the news and spearhead leadership on your Peanut Butter Bowl®.
  4. Coach, if you already know of a hunger relief organization in your community, please communicate that with us.
  5. If you would like us to help identify an appropriate organization in your community, please let Steve know.
  1. Ask your leader to distribute publicity announcements through emails, texts, and your social media channels.
  2. If you have contacts with your local media and can set-up a press conference to announce your participation, as well as other schools in your area, we have found this to be a helpful event to create excitement and communicate the opportunity. Steve Teel and his team can coordinate with you and schedule to join you to announce your participation and leadership wherever possible.
  1. We ask you to have boxes or stations at your athletic office area or around the high school to collect peanut butter the week leading up to Peanut Butter Bowl®.
  2. We ask that your leader be sure to count the peanut butter jars donated and report that total to Steve.
  3. We ask the hunger relief organization to come to pick up the peanut butter the Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday immediately after Peanut Butter Bowl.
  4. Through your community can use the drop down menu to select your school and give at $2 a jar to go to your corresponding community food organization. We will distribute those funds directly to the food organizations (the only fees taken out are from Square-the giving platform for 2022).
  5. We do keep track of peanut butter donated and will award the Champions Cup to the Coach and school whose community donates the most (jars at school plus online donations at $2 a jar).
    We have a ten-minute video that touches on some of these same points and emphasizes the opportunity for leadership and character development of your players and community in making a difference in people’s lives.

Use the contact form to reach us.

We have a saying around Peanut Butter Bowl® — when we feed people in need, #WeAllWin

Thank you, Coach!
Steve Teel & Coach Ron Rittimann

Steve Teel

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Coach Ron Rittimann