The Peanut Butter Bowl : a game #WeAllWin

I’m Steve Teel, president of Very Bold Ministries, pastor of Momentum Bible Church, host of Beacon Radio, and the Peanut Butter Bowl. Thank you so much for being a part of the Peanut Butter Bowl.

Here’s how the Peanut Butter Bowl came about. I consider Jeff and Katy Fleener (Brandeis) and Ron and Patti Rittimann (Johnson) four of the most special people I know. I was Jeff Fleener’s youth pastor and was blessed to co-officiate Jeff and Katy’s wedding in Dallas and they have been ministry partners for years. I’ve been longtime good friends (over 20 years) with Ron and Patti as well who have also been a big part of our ministry and our church start-up: Momentum Bible Church. I’ve supported whatever teams Jeff and Ron were coaching and consider them two great coaches who care about their students, coaches, and community. They are great examples.

The first PB 2016  collected over 4,700 jars of peanut butter for chronically hungry kids.

Peanut Butter Bowl II will be Friday, Aug 31, 2018 at Heroes Stadium (NEISD) in San Antonio between the Brandeis Broncos and Johnson Jaguars. Both communities will collect creamy 16oz to 18oz peanut butter to help feed chronically hungry kids. Some of the main collection times will be at the Peanut Butter Bowl, Sept. 1, both Meet the Broncos (Wednesday, Aug. 23 at Brandeis) and Meet the Jags (Thursday, Aug. 24 at Heroes Stadium) as well as at the schools themselves the first week of school leading up to the game.

COLLECT:  16oz-18oz Peanut Butter (Creamy) that all goes to Snack Pak 4 Kids San Antonio who distributes 12,000 PB jars annually to hungry kids.

There are 120,000 kids in Bexar Country that are food insecure. says that 10% to 20% of these kids (12,000 up to 24,000) are chronically hungry kids which means they do not know if or what they will eat on the weekends.   Snack Pak 4 Kids works with schools, teachers, counselors, with guardian signed permission to distribute not just Peanut Butter but other weekly nutrition.  Peanut Butter is given once a month to help ensure these kids have protein if and when there is no food.  Leslie Kingman heads up Snack Pak 4 Kids while my ministry (Steve Teel), Very Bold Ministries, is the org to promote, collect, and help ensure we are able to feed these hungry kids. 

My contact is 210-325-1963,

To give online go to and use the Donate button at top. Peanut Butter Bowl 2017 will be first option on Donation page.

Last year (2015) I sat at Farris Stadium in San Antonio for Coach Jeff Fleener’s head coaching debut with Brandeis against his mentor Coach Ron Rittimann of Johnson. My wife, Kris, and I sat on the Johnson side the first half and moved to the Brandeis side for the second half. We wanted both teams to win… and that’s just not possible.

Fast forward to this spring 2016 as I began to host Beacon Radio for Keith Leslie of Full Armor and the SA Beacon newspaper (; Beacon Radio airs on KSLR AM630 noon to 1pm Saturdays. You can also go to to hear interviews about the PB Bowl and Snack Pak 4 Kids SA). My first guest was Seth Kuehn of Daily Bread Ministries who do great work here in San Antonio. While visiting with Seth at their warehouse, he mentioned Snack Pak 4 Kids and Leslie Kingman, which among other things (like name brand snacks) collects and distributes peanut butter to feed chronically hungry kids.

At that time, I had a thought, a thought I believe came from God (because I’m not that smart) that we could have the Peanut Butter Bowl and collect peanut butter for Snack Pak 4 Kids San Antonio as they feed these hungry kids. I believed that at the next Johnson/Brandeis game (Aug. 27, 7pm, Saturday, Farris Stadium)… even though the football game would end in disappointment for one team, one couple, one coach, one community… that if we collected this peanut butter –that ultimately we really could feel great about something so important as feeding chronically hungry kids.

So I talked with Leslie Kingman. I talked with the Rittimanns and the Fleeners. We received the support and blessing of Stan Laing (Northside ISD Athletic Director) and Karen Funk (NESID Athletic director); Ron and Patti and Jeff and Katy received the backing of Johnson and Brandeis admin… and here we are!

And now– you are a part of this. Together, San Antonio, we can make a difference! Together, San Antonio, we will make a difference. San Antonio: we take care of our own.

When hungry kids eat, we all win.

Steve Teel
Very Bold, Momentum Bible Church, Beacon Radio, and the Peanut Butter Bowl

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